Validation of Prior Learning Assessment

The Validation of Prior Learning Assessment (VAE) is :

A new way to obtain all or part of a professional diploma, title or professional certification appearing on a list validated by the National Commission for Professional Certifications.


Inquire about VAE

In Ile-de-France, an information and advice system welcomes people, gives them general knowledge about the VAE and helps them build their project of validation depending on their professional strategy.

This system, called « regional centre for information and advice on VAE », comprises a regional ressources center and information antennas in charge of greeting the audience. These antennas have two main missions :

  • General information on the VAE, certifications, procedures and terms and conditions of access.
  • Personalized advice aiming to :
  1. Confirm the relevance of the certification objective with regard to the professional project and the different stages of the career path,
  2. Help the person identify the right certifications for his/her validation project and find ways to facilitate his/her access to them,
  3. Guide the person towards the organization that will be able to approve his/her validation procedure and may offer support

Evaluate the duration of the process

Any validation process requires a period of 3 to 8 months beforehand, before your application can be submitted :

  • Find out about the training offer and identify the diploma corresponding to your assets and your professional and personal experience.
  • Study with us the relevance of your validation request, its feasibility according to your professional and training projects.
  • Elaborate and build your file with our advice and support.

You can also get help from a VAE advisor if your experience doesn’t fit to any of EAC’s degrees.

VAE – Regulations

Before, the validation of prior learning assessment was presided by two laws : law n°84-52 of the 27th of January 1984 and law n°92-678 of the 20th of July 1992 on the the validation of professional experience.

The Social Modernization Act of 17 January 2002 n°2002-73 reforms the system of validation of prior learning, substituting “Validation of Acquired Experience” (VAE) for “Validation of Professional Acquired Experience” (VAP) and allows the official recognition of experience for access to all diplomas and titles for professional purposes.