Our certifications

EAC is recognized and certified by the state at the highest level (Master’s Degree).

RNCP (National Repertory of Professional Certification) :

It lists and identifies courses recognized by the state on different levels. Hard to get, it is a token of quality for any student wishing to enroll at EAC. All of the programs are registered at level 7, which is equivalent to a Master level. The level 6 (Bachelor’s degree) validates the Bachelor in Cultural Mediation.

ECTS credits :

European Evaluation of the training, the use of ECTS credits in the validation of prior learning allows :

  • A national and international acknowledgment of EAC’s programs.
  • The possibility to develop international programs.

Erasmus+ chart :

An experience abroad boosts a career !

Promoting mobility and cooperation projects all over the world is one of EAC’s major challenges. Erasmus+ chart opens doors to European partnerships with schools and universities of high ranking, for an exchange or an internship abroad.