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In order to become cultural manager, the teaching programme will allow you to conduct projects inside cultural institutions, or to engage in the creation of your own project.

The two years of studies are organized so that you will:

  • Acquire methods of work, studies and reflexion.
  • Understand the practices and the professional uses of actors, institutions and companies of culture.
  • Understand the societal, economic and political issues at stake for the culture market.
  • Train yourself to operational and project management.
  • Know the legal, administrative and financial tools and the specificities of the cultural sector in these fields.

The education programme is designed to alternate teaching, project coaching, tutoring, independent work and professional immersion.

* RNCP title n ° 27509 communication companies manager of level 7 registered by decision published on 07/21/2018

  1. An aim to professionalize the students at each steps of teaching, favoring a pedagogical frame composed of professionals.
  2. A teaching that gives students the awareness of the responsibilities in managing a project and provides the tools for reflexion and realization necessary to undertake those responsabilities.
  3. A programme constantly updated to fit the project management. 


  • Access in M1 : Hold a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Access in M2 : Hold at least a M1 and have written a dissertation. 


  • 1st and 2nd year
ECTS credits
Non-binding informations

Not teachers



  • Year 4 and 5: 8,950€


  • Year 4 and 5: 7,500€

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The trades

From conception to cultural structures management

Your mission: 

Find the right balance between original cultural offers, innovative and creative ones, and the demand coming from institutions, cultural industries. 

Your skills:

Polyvalent, you manage the entire project : from programming to budgeting, from company rights to authors’ or heritage rights, from taxation to communication, from security to mediation.

Inside a cultural institution or a cultural company, you will have management positions or first assistant positions, in regards with the management of cultural and artistic projects in all operational departments: production, diffusion, public relations.

You define communication and marketing strategies with an expansion goal of your audience. You manage artists, companies, and coordinate the project in total.

Profile :

  • A Cultural manager defines the goals and sets the means to achieve them. 
  • Organized, you must be curious, quick-witted, open-minded and imaginative.
  • Innovative, you have to develop new concepts. 
  • You have management sense and know how to arbitrate. 


The jobs

  • Administrator
  • Communication manager
  • Cultural affairs manager
  • Cultural mediator
  • Production officer


You occupy a central position inside of a troop or cultural structure (theater, opera, company...). You ensure the administrative and financial management of a show (public subsidies, partnerships, budget, supply chain, communication...). You also ensure the staff management.

You collaborate with the whole technical, administrative and artistic team. Being administrator implies to perfectly know the world of show. You are rigorous, efficient, management and number friendly, but above all, passionate about the artistic sector.

Communication manager

Be it for internal or external communication, you conceive and develop cultural contents to serve the strategy given by the executive board.

Communication campaign, events organization, brochures, reports and media plan: your job to install the best communication strategy possible.

Your goal: facilitate the relations of your company with its environment and needs: audience, producers, location.

Cultural affairs manager

Organize festivals, program theater pieces, dance shows, price the artists (exhibitions, events). Your mission is to bring the public towards culture.

Be it for a city, a museum, an association, a festival or via a regional center of cultural affairs, you offer and put in place the cultural demonstrations in their entirety: elaborate the budgets, research for financing, communicate and manage the artistic and technical teams are part of your missions.

Why not you?

Cultural mediator

You are a communicative person and/or manager, depending on the structure size. You favor the meeting between a cultural event and its audience and make the link with the artist, the public, and the institution.

The cultural companies calling for cultural mediators : associations, clubs, employee representative committee, artistic companies, cultural centers.


Production officer

You are an administrator and a manager serving an artistic project.

You research partners, deal with the budget, plan the program, and ensure the supply chain coordination of the project and its production.

You establish deed of assignments and hiring of artists, coproductions and hold the accountability of the taxation folder.

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