International admissions

Throughout the year, EAC organizes admissions interviews to enable students to join its Paris, Lyon and Nantes campuses.

Admissions are open from October to July, subject to availability of places and admission requirements.
Back to school takes place between mid-September and mid-October, depending on the programme concerned.

Objectives of the interview :

  • To discuss each candidate individually
  • Gain a better understanding of their expectations
  • Assess motivation and skills.

Interview and Admission :
Our school’s admissions process is designed to detect the skills that will make our learners unique personalities whose talents and skills will be put to good use by companies in the sector.

1- Get an interview :

You must request an interview via the website or contact the relevant campus directly. All international students start with a first interview with an international admission manager. 
This first interview is an opportunity to review your application before sending it to the EAC, to ensure that it meets the school’s selection criteria.

Take part in an admissions session:
If you are already in France, you can take part in an admissions session directly at EAC Paris, Lyon or Nantes.
Interested ? Complete the form below.
You will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours to confirm your appointment on campus.

2- Prepare your application :

Before the interview, we will ask you to send us by e-mail your application file including

  • Application form completed and signed
  • Your transcript of marks obtained in the baccalauréat exams


  • A copy of your equivalent diploma.
  • Your CV
  • A copy of your most recent diploma,
  • If you are currently studying: your most recent transcript.
  • Letter of motivation
  • For a programme in French: Certificate of level B2 in French
  • For a programme in English: Certificate of level B2 English

Any other document proving your motivation for this course: work experience, letter of recommendation, etc. Is a plus for your admission.

3- Interview procedure :

The admissions interview places a great deal of emphasis on your personality, your curiosity and your passion for the sector. It’s an opportunity to assess your general knowledge of the sector, your motivation and your academic background. It’s an opportunity for you to promote your career plans and meet the school’s team.

The interview lasts about 1 hour
Topics covered:

  • General knowledge
  • Knowledge of sectors
  • Motivational questions
  • File examination.

After the interview, you will receive a reply within 7 days.

4- Online application form :

The application form will be sent to you by email with a link to the application platform.
You will then confirm your application by filling in your personal details, signing the required documents and paying the application fee*.

5 – Welcome to the school!

If you are a non-European student, you can consult our international admission procedure here.

*For international students from outside the European Union, a deposit of €3,200 (€2,000 deposit + €1,200 application fee) is required.
Once this payment has been made, students will receive an official letter of acceptance, which is required to obtain a VISA to study in France.
If the VISA is refused, the EAC will refund €2,600 and retain €600 in application fees.