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The school of art market, culture, cultural heritage and luxury since 1985.

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Cultural heritage & luxury and artistic handicrafts

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« I obtained an internship at the Nordiska Museum at Stockholm »

Anna Danielsson is a second-year Swedish student at the EAC in the Master course in Cultural Management. This summer, she will be working at the Nordiska Museet (Nordic Museum) in Stockholm.

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The school

Since 1985, the EAC is a reference for ​higher education in the professions of culture, art market, cultural heritage and luxury, which has been recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication since 1999.

The EAC is above all a team of professors, composed of recognized professionals and experts in their fields, and a present and attentive educational sup​port. All, professors and members of the educational department, work to support the emergence of talents, and allow students to find their place in their future professional space. The success of each student is a stake, and for this the EAC sets up training schemes that promote initiative and autonomy in learning with mentoring where tutoring, coaching and both individual and collective experimentation’s hold a central role.

The professional level of the EAC programmes is expressed by the recognition of its diplomas under the RNCP, that is provided under the conditions that the programme offer is in line with the needs of the market and professional practices. Nowadays diplomas related to culture, art market and cultural heritage all benefits from this recognition.

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« Azerbaïdjan : Tradition & Modernité »

À l’occasion du centenaire de l’obtention du droit de vote des femmes en Azerbaïdjan et dans le cadre d’un partenariat entre...

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Découverte des formations à l’EAC

Les Journées Portes Ouvertes de l’EAC sont l’occasion de découvrir nos formations dans la Culture, le marché de l’Art, le...

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Journée portes ouvertes à l’EAC Lyon

Le campus de l’EAC Lyon vous ouvre ses portes le 18 janvier de 13h à 18h ! Au programme...

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From design to contemporary art, music festivals, events related to new technologies and cultural tourism fairs, EAC students occupy the cultural and artistic scenes.

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