Fees & financing of studies

On this page you will find details of tuition fees by campus and by sector (Culture, Art Market, Luxury).

Alternance (dual mode) studies :

In France, students following a Master’s programme at EAC Paris, Lyon or Nantes can have all of their studies financed by work-study contracts (contrat de professionnalisation or contrat d’apprentissage).

In the case of an initial programme (Bachelor’s degree) or an intensive cycle, the student is responsible for financing the course.

“Alternance” programmes are open to international students who have completed one year of study in France.
Students who do not speak French enough are more generally eligible for initial programmes or sandwich courses, via personal financing.

Scholarships are not open to international students.

Student loans

BNP-Paribas offers loans at attractive rates to EAC students.
For more information, click here.

Registration fees :

  • Student UE : 450€
  • Student non UE : 1200€


Tuition Fees :

  • Bachelor : 7100 € – 7950 € (depending year and location )
  • Master, Intensive Cycle : 8750€ – 9200 € (depending location )
  • Master, International Luxury Management (100% anglais) : 9000 € – 9500 €  (depending location )
  • For other Master, alternance programme : Financing via the company, open to students who have completed 1 year of studies in France : 10 900€

If you would like more information, please contact the campus of your choice directly: EAC Paris, Nantes or Lyon.


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