About us

Culture, the art market and luxury  are resolutely lively and dynamic sectors, reflecting the world we live in and promising the future.

EAC, a pioneering school in its fields, has based its project on these convictions.

As a pioneering school in the fields of culture, the art market and luxury goods, EAC aims to train young people in passionate professions, with demanding programs designed to meet the expectations of the professional world.

Educational excellence
at EAC

Studying at EAC is :

Entering a school with a strong history :

During its 33 years of existence, EAC school has asserted itself as a top-level establishment in the training of students and professionals in these fields.

Joining a dynamic of networks and partnerships :

Throughout the years, EAC has developed an international educational web.
Member of the Erasmus network since 2006, EAC signed many mobility programs in Europe and around the world (Japan, South Korea, Brazil, etc).

On top of these mobilities, educational partnerships have been put in place in order to allow students to pursue double diplomas abroad.

Having recognized courses on a national and international level :

EAC has courses enrolled in the RNCP (Bac+5) that are also acknowledged by professional, national and international federations.
Thanks to agreements with European, Chinese and Korean institutions (joint diplomas, double diplomas) and by offering full english courses, EAC is able to adapt to international issues.

Integrate a training adapted to new professional challenges :

For us, guiding students and answering their needs means adapting our teaching methods and diversifying our formats.
In this respect, the school offers different programs and mentoring, regardless of how far you may be from our campuses.
E-learning, distance training, individual coaching : we allow new students eager to learn to have access to Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA’s degrees.

Joining EAC means discovering a training program, professions and a future by acquiring a solid general culture and the codes and requirements of professionals in the cultural link, art link and luxury link markets.

Teaching excellence for professions that demand it

Training to think

We are committed to imparting excellent academic knowledge and a precise culture to enable our learners to understand the challenges of the culture, art market and luxury industry sectors, to meet their requirements, analyze their needs and know how to respond to them.

And to anticipate and grasp the major changes taking place in these sectors and in society as a whole, we help our students to go beyond the acquisition of specific skills by inviting them to get involved in civic action.

Our aim is to train cultivated professionals and citizens who are committed to the world around them.

Training for action, through experience

We place professional experience at the heart of our pedagogical project, to enable our students to develop and manage ambitious projects in their chosen field, in contact with recognized professionals. And to enable them to project themselves and take the initiative. With complete confidence!

Connecting to yourself, to others and to the world

We connect our students to their passion for culture and creation, enabling them to pursue careers that make sense to them. We encourage collaboration both inside and outside the school, with our partner schools, and give them the international exposure they need to understand the sectors they are training for.

Our partners

Because a school is never alone in guiding its students to success, EAC has a number of professional partners with whom it works closely to define their needs and provide them with suitable profiles.

Getting students interested and involved is EAC’s #1 objective. We give them the opportunity to attend numerous events and get involved in prestigious conferences, exchanging views with stakeholders. As part of their study projects, they also get to collaborate with companies on real-life cases, as players in brand strategy.