Study Art and French Language

The SAF – Study Art and French Language programme is aimed at international students who wish to follow a foreign language FLE (Français Langues Etrangères) programme combined with introductory workshops in culture, art and design, before enrolling on a course taught in French at a school in the AD Education France network (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree).

Why learn French in Paris?

  • An immersive experience in French culture before starting desired study programme.
  • The opportunity to meet other students while taking part in cultural and artistic activities at prices affordable to all students.
  • It’s a great opportunity to travel everywhere! Paris’s geographical location and connections with all the major cities of France and Europe (thanks to an efficient rail network (TGV) and two airports) means you can discover new places!


Objectives of the SAF Programme – Study Art and French Language

Important : If the student’s level of French requires upgrading (B2), admission is via the SAF Programme – French, Art & Design.
For direct enrolment in an EAC programme, students must provide proof of a B2 level or equivalent.

In one year, students will develop new skills and fulfil the pre-requisites needed to enter the school of their choice. They will reach a B2 level of French, attested by an official TCF test issued by
The programme offers part of the FLE course online via Global Exam, enabling students to start the distance learning course as soon as their enrolment is confirmed and before they arrive in France.

The courses* consist of:

  • 540 hours of French as a foreign language
  • 60 hours of lectures on arts and culture
  • 100 hours of practical workshops in art, design and cultural activities

*The number of hours is approximate

At the end of this training year, students will be able to enter the programme for which their application was validated at the beginning of the year for one of the higher cycles EAC.

Preliminary admission to the SAF programme validates the student’s admission to a programme offered by EAC, subject to presentation of the following elements:

  • Obtaining the TCF B2 by 30 June (or by 31 July at the latest).
  • Certificate of completion and assessment of the specialisation module from the school concerned.
  • A certificate of participation in the SAF programme.

Key aspects of the programme :

  • Programme title : SAF – Study Art and French Language
  • Level : Preparatory year – French, art and design
  • Terms and conditions of use : Hybrid: 85% face-to-face, 15% online via Global Exam
  • Duration : 1 year (28 weeks) // 1 semester (20 weeks)
  • Period : 1 year: mid-October to end of June // 1 semester: beginning of February to end of June
  • EQF : 4
  • Hourly volume :
    • 1 year: 700 hours, including 100 hours of specialisation and cultural activities.
    • 1 semester : 358 hours, including 100 hours of specialisation and cultural activities.
  • Campus : Paris – Rue Croix Nivert


Rates and terms of payment :

  • Tuition fees September – June: €8500
  • 2nd start date February – June: €5500
  • Application fee: €450
  • Grants and Scholarships are not available for international students.