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Make culture your future !

EAC takes you to professions at the crossroads of passion, communication and culture.

Films, festivals, shows, concerts, dance, theatre, conservation of cultural heritage, culture, are extremely varied fields.

Did you know that? Culture represents 2.5% of French GDP per capita, 620,000 direct jobs and nearly 300,000 indirect jobs.

Today, the EAC is proud to disseminate a know-how recognized in France and abroad.


High standard
of Learning

The emergence of new cultural areas in France and in the world is accompanied by new professional needs. To meet these needs, our teaching is accompanied by immersive workshops.

Given the need to know the field, our programmes include internships, complete English courses for those who wish to do so, and the possibility of completing part of the programme abroad.

Careers in cultural industry

Careers in culture
your future:

There are many opportunities in the field of culture: artists’ agent or manager, production manager, director of a cultural structure, exhibition organiser or curator, communications manager, etc.
All of them combine professional and cultural expertise.
Whatever the event, the cultural manager is there to :

  • Make the events a success.
  • Promote them.
  • Organise the link between a work and the public, between artists and spectators.

The jobs

  • Administrator
  • Communication manager
  • Cultural affairs manager
  • Cultural mediator
  • Production officer


You occupy a central position inside of a troop or cultural structure (theater, opera, company...). You ensure the administrative and financial management of a show (public subsidies, partnerships, budget, supply chain, communication...). You also ensure the staff management.

You collaborate with the whole technical, administrative and artistic team. Being administrator implies to perfectly know the world of show. You are rigorous, efficient, management and number friendly, but above all, passionate about the artistic sector.

Communication manager

Be it for internal or external communication, you conceive and develop cultural contents to serve the strategy given by the executive board.

Communication campaign, events organization, brochures, reports and media plan: your job to install the best communication strategy possible.

Your goal: facilitate the relations of your company with its environment and needs: audience, producers, location.

Cultural affairs manager

Organize festivals, program theater pieces, dance shows, price the artists (exhibitions, events). Your mission is to bring the public towards culture.

Be it for a city, a museum, an association, a festival or via a regional center of cultural affairs, you offer and put in place the cultural demonstrations in their entirety: elaborate the budgets, research for financing, communicate and manage the artistic and technical teams are part of your missions.

Why not you?

Cultural mediator

You are a communicative person and/or manager, depending on the structure size. You favor the meeting between a cultural event and its audience and make the link with the artist, the public, and the institution.

The cultural companies calling for cultural mediators : associations, clubs, employee representative committee, artistic companies, cultural centers.


Production officer

You are an administrator and a manager serving an artistic project.

You research partners, deal with the budget, plan the program, and ensure the supply chain coordination of the project and its production.

You establish deed of assignments and hiring of artists, coproductions and hold the accountability of the taxation folder.


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