in Cultural mediation and communication

Educational goals

Learn cultural

The knowledge of the professional environment and its practices represents 70% of the programme. Teaching related to the artistic sectors and their practices make up 30% of the degree.

The goals:

  • Understand and assess the diverse types of art, as well as the practices of the cultural sector.
  • Manage the core activities favoring interaction with the audiences (communication, mediation, diffusion).
  • Comprehend the general history of arts and culture.
  • Grasp the sector’s professional environment.
  • Acquire good practices to foster the promotion of arts and artists towards all audiences.

The choice of two options in 2nd year  gives students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of artistic and cultural projects, as well as professional practices in order to mediate them :

  • Music
  • Performing arts
  • Heritage & museums
  • Movie industry & media

Our method alternates between teaching periods and professional experiences during the whole programme. It is indeed mandatory to validate at least seven months of internship (full-time or 14-month part time) during your three years of Bachelor.

Essential today, the practice of English must allow students to answer the communication needs sector-specific.

At the end of the Bachelor in Cultural Mediation & Communication, students can follow their studies with a Master in Cultural Management, either in French or fully in English.

* RNCP title n ° 32222 cultural project manager of level 6 registered by decision published on 02/22/2019

of the course
  1. An introduction to the process of creating and producing from the first year !
  2. Interaction with the professional industry all along.
  3. A pedagogical approach mixing independent work and team work.


  • 1st year: Hold a baccalaureate.
  • 2nd year: Hold to at least a L1 or B1 level.
  • 3rd year: Hold to at least a L2 or B2 level.


  • 1st and 2nd year
ECTS credits
Non-binding informations

Not teachers



  • Year 1 to 3: 7,200€


  • Year 1 to 3: 6,200€

For more details, download the fees grid.

The trades

A job that mixes passion, communication, and culture

The Cultural Mediator makes it easier for the audience to access artistic projects and artworks.

Unquestionable, his function corresponds to assistants’ jobs for:

  • Communication (eg: community management).
  • Good relations with and the welcoming of all audiences (eg: cultural action).
  • Artwork and artistic productions diffusion alongside professional networks (eg: production manager, booker).


Skills required:

As cultural mediator, you conceive, carry out and spread communication tools (posters, brochures, press materials, biographies, show presentation, exhibitions’ content, index).
You elaborate and put in place audiences’ surveys that can be analyzed for further recommendations.
You know the artistic and cultural content of the sector you work in.
You are able to structure relationships between audiences and culture in order to ensure a mediation, an animation, or a cultural action.


  • You like contact and communication.
  • You are aware of culture in all shapes: Fine arts, literature, performing arts, music, audiovisual, heritage.
  • You are knowledge-worthy on the professional organisation of the different sectors and like to participate to artistic demonstrations.
  • You are an essential link to art diffusion and culture.

The jobs

  • Administrator
  • Communication manager
  • Cultural affairs manager
  • Cultural mediator
  • Production officer


You occupy a central position inside of a troop or cultural structure (theater, opera, company...). You ensure the administrative and financial management of a show (public subsidies, partnerships, budget, supply chain, communication...). You also ensure the staff management.

You collaborate with the whole technical, administrative and artistic team. Being administrator implies to perfectly know the world of show. You are rigorous, efficient, management and number friendly, but above all, passionate about the artistic sector.

Communication manager

Be it for internal or external communication, you conceive and develop cultural contents to serve the strategy given by the executive board.

Communication campaign, events organization, brochures, reports and media plan: your job to install the best communication strategy possible.

Your goal: facilitate the relations of your company with its environment and needs: audience, producers, location.

Cultural affairs manager

Organize festivals, program theater pieces, dance shows, price the artists (exhibitions, events). Your mission is to bring the public towards culture.

Be it for a city, a museum, an association, a festival or via a regional center of cultural affairs, you offer and put in place the cultural demonstrations in their entirety: elaborate the budgets, research for financing, communicate and manage the artistic and technical teams are part of your missions.

Why not you?

Cultural mediator

You are a communicative person and/or manager, depending on the structure size. You favor the meeting between a cultural event and its audience and make the link with the artist, the public, and the institution.

The cultural companies calling for cultural mediators : associations, clubs, employee representative committee, artistic companies, cultural centers.


Production officer

You are an administrator and a manager serving an artistic project.

You research partners, deal with the budget, plan the program, and ensure the supply chain coordination of the project and its production.

You establish deed of assignments and hiring of artists, coproductions and hold the accountability of the taxation folder.


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