Admission process

A call for application is launched each year for all the courses between the 1st of October and the 20th of July. A second call for applications may be issued following the latest admission results.

at EAC

Admission is validated on the basis of the application file, the results of the tests and the exchanges at the interview. It is pronounced by the director of the establishment.

Conditional admission :

It occurs when, at the time of admission, you are not yet in possession of the diploma or the statement of credits allowing you to enter the targeted level of training. As soon as you have obtained your diploma or credits, registration is considered to be finalized.

If you don’t obtain the required credits or diploma : you can apply for “conditional admission”. If you wish to complete your previous training before entering EAC, your admission will be held until the following year.

Getting “up to speed” before joining a training course

In case of admission to the Bachelor’s program (2nd, 3rd year) or to the Master’s program, you may be asked to complete a preparatory step in preparation for your entry into training, by following one or more refresher modules.
This refresher time comes in addition to the training time. It takes place in September.

These modules are adapted to the programme in which you are enrolled. It will be a question of acquiring the basic skills expected to enable you to follow your schooling as well as possible. Alongside of that, you will receive a catalogue of documentary ressources to allow you deepen and complete your knowledge.