Incoming students

For a semester, a year or a full training course : come study at EAC !

EAC welcomes you throughout your entire academic journey according to your aspirations :

  • for a few weeks, during « summer sessions ».
  • for a semester, as part of the ERASMUS+ program or bilateral agreements.
  • for a year or more, by enrolling in one of the EAC’s courses.

Firmly open to the world, EAC offers programs in French and in English.

EAC opens its initial but also continuous or professional training courses to foreign professional nationals wishing to develop new skills : better knowledge of the specificities of the European art, culture and luxury market sectors (professional practices, legal frameworks, economic models, networks).

If you are currently enrolled in one of our partner schools, you can apply to EAC as part of our exchange programme.

Fact Sheet 23/24 EAC

Exchange procedure :

Step 1 : Nomination by your school’s international office

The student’s home university wanting to benefit from the Erasmus program must officially nominate the student with an e-mail specifying :

  • the name of the university.
  • the name and surname of the student.
  • his/her field of study.
  • the diploma he/she is preparing.
  • the length of the exchange (1 semester, 2 semesters or a full academic year).
  • their e-mail address.

For the ERASMUS exchange, only one semester is allowed.

Step 2 : Candidacy at EAC Paris

Once nominated by their home university, students can prepare their application with all the required documents. Please complete the application form and return it to the EAC International Relations department. All required documents must be provided in English or French, and must be sent to the EAC before the deadline for the desired exchange semester.

Step 3 : Evaluation of the application by EAC

The documents will be evaluated within 5 weeks, as of the moment the school receive the complete application file.

Step 4 : Admission letter

If the application file is approved, a letter of admission will be sent to the student’s home university.

Step 5 : Course selection

Throughout the process of admission, EAC will be in touch with the student to help him/her choose his/her classes. Once the list of classes is done, the school approves it with the student and his/her home university.

List of classes :

Calendar of classes :

  • 1st semester : 30th of September 2019 – 31 st of January 2020 (exam period included)
  • 2nd semester : 3rd of February 2020 – 6th of June 2020 (exam period included)

Step 6 : Signature of the study contract for Erasmus students / Signature of the international exchange contract for non-Erasmus students.

Once the teaching manager of the student’s home school has approved the list of classes, the student will have to sign a study contract.

Then, the home university must send the contract over to EAC to sign (3 signatures needed : home school, student, EAC).

Welcoming guide for international students

Upon arrival at EAC, the student will receive a welcoming guide that help him/her throughout his/her journey in France and his/her student life.