AD Network

The AD Education network is the first network of higher education establishments dedicated to the creative professions.

EAC is part of the AD Education group, Europe’s leading network for creative training. The network comprises 19 schools on 70 campuses in 9 European countries, training over 36,000 students every year.

The network’s member schools are: EAC, École Supérieure du Parfum & de la Cosmétique, Institut National de Gemmologie, École Supérieure de Publicité, École Supérieure du Digital, École de Condé, ECV, IMAAT, CEV, CES, Oktogone, Asfored, IAAD, Accademia Italiana, HMKW and Barreira Arte+Diseño.

Within the framework of this network, the establishments collaborate on a number of levels:

  • Academic governance
  • Double degrees and educational exchanges
  • Corporate partnerships and international development