Erasmus and certifications

EAC benefits from the recognition of many state organizations which help build its reputation and its influence on an international level.

Campus France

Building on a network of more than 200 spaces and antennas around the world, the Agence Campus France is in charge of promoting French university education around the world, informing international students and guiding them in their educational choice, in their application procedure and in their visa application.



By promoting mobility and cooperation projects in Europe, the Erasmus+ programme, as part of the Europe Strategy 2020, strengthens the skills for better employability, supports innovation in institutions and organisations for education and training and their internationalisation, promotes a transparent and consistent use of skills recognition and validation at European level and enhances cooperation between European and non-European countries.

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Agence Erasmus+ France/Education Formation :



Helping citizens to communicate clearly on their skills and qualifications to find a job or continue their education. Helping employers to understand the skills and qualifications of their future collaborators. Helping education and training institutions to communicate on the content of their programmes, enhancing their training offer at European level and highlight the skills of their graduates.


Public service contract with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The school has signed a convention establishing partnership with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which allows students to do a work placement in many embassies, Cultural centers and French Alliances