International admission procedure

Candidatures internationales

The 3 steps of the admission procedure


Step 1 Application

Fill out the application form and send it via email to or to

A digital application form is also available

  •   on the EAC website ICI
  •  upon request by email.

Step 2 Pre-requisite verification by year

Candidates must fulfil the conditions required to access the programmes.

See the pre-requisites by programme

Step 3 Prepare your application package

The list of documents to be provided can be found here :

In addition to the duly completed application form, international students may sit an orientation interview. The interview is organised by the International Relations Office over Skype (Skype ID :

It will last between 30 and 40 minutes. Candidates will speak in French or in English, according to the programme applied for. The interview is aimed at ensuring that candidates are well oriented, at supporting candidates in the choice of their programme and at evaluating their overall proficiency in the language of instruction (French or English).


Sitting eligibility tests

Step 1 Sitting the tests

Candidates to EAC programmes will sit tests to assess their knowledge of the practices or of the general cultural environment.

Each test is evaluated out of 20. The pass mark is set at 12/20.

  • Tests may be sat on-line.
  • Candidates to Master’s programmes will also write an essay on a cultural or artistic issue.

Step 2 Sitting the motivation interview

The interview is a dedicated moment for candidates to fully express their motivation to join a programme or a study cycle.

Refresher courses prior to the programme.


For more information, click here..


The admission commission evaluates candidates according to their application form, test results and exchanges during the interview.

Candidates will receive: an email confirming their admission, followed by an official letter accompanied by a contract.

Enrolment is effective when:

1/ The duly-signed contracts for the training programme and for the potential refresher course are returned to the school accompanied by the flat amount covering enrolment and the overall fee for the refresher course.

2/ The EAC International Relations Office sends a detailed enrolment notification letter enabling the student to apply for a student Visa at a Campus France office in their country.

The administrative and educational enrolment is performed upon the arrival in France

1/Students send their social security form ; those covered by student social security (LMDE, SMEREP) will pay the amount due

2/Students pay tuition fees according to their schedule

3/Students send proof of public liability insurance

As soon as the student’s file is completed, students receive in the following days :

  • Certificate of attendance
  • student card
  • certificate of social security affiliation