Round Tables

Debates & round tables


Every year, groups of students in the second year of Master’s programmes organise debates over the strategic issues in the professional fields of culture, of the art market and of the luxury industry.

In the framework of their year of study and of the achievement of the diploma, students in the second year of Master’s programmes carry out professional projects divided into 4 areas :

  • An analysis of the professional sector called “news review”
  • An analysis of the strategic issues in the sector in question.
  • A development study with professional partners (companies, organisations, professionals, institutions).
  • An innovative activity project or innovative operations


In order to nourish their strategic analysis, students organise interviews with experts in particular issues, leading to a week of debates called “Round Tables”, when students present the state of the art of their study subject, then identify the current issues faced by arts, culture and luxury professionals. Thus, around round tables, numerous speakers discuss the structural issues of artistic, cultural or luxury-related challenges, in their economic, managerial or corporate dimension, with the aim of exploring future prospects.


Over the last 6 years, around 100 round tables were organised by the EAC students and more than 350 professionals were invited to participate.
A few examples of round tables :

Curate it yourself

Is there a place left for emerging artists on the contemporary art market ?

In order to examine this issue, Timothée Viale, Pietro Della Giustine, Alexandra Kalmykova, Victoire Vieville and Pauline Portrait (A5) appealed to the knowledge of Eudoxie Humblot – artist, Paul Lahana – artist, Fred Forest – artist and Sorbonne professor, John Ferrère – gallery owner and Didier Bierjrjon – curator.

International Festival of Food Photography

Which role for food photography on the art market ?

With the intention of wisely addressing this issue, éline Vanhautère, Marine Langard, Audrey Lemaire, Sacha Gabriel y Galan, Alice Pignard and Séverinne Gros (A5) tapped into the skills of Mathilde de l’Ecotais, – photographer, Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr – auctioneer, Ava Duparc – photographer, Jean-Pierre Stéphan, president and founder of the international Festival of Food Photography and Rémi Dechambre – food critic.

Enter into Dance

How can (classical, modern or contemporary) dance audience be enlarged ?

Such was the issue addressed during the round table organised by Mathilde Dugois, Marie Nicolas, Charlotte Raoux, Julie Gortani and Elise Hollander (C5). Elisabeth Disdier, of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, Catherine Zavodska – show organiser, Philippe Bertrand – public relation manager, Cécile Vernadat and Laurence Moreau – La Briqueterie and Lydia Gaborit – Le Théâtre de la ville shared their knowledge to the students’ benefit.


A multi-disciplinary approach, is it a chance for artists and their managers ?

This was the backbone of the round table organised by Ugo Frezal, Daphnée Bordalis, Gautier Delavaud, Ferass Altubi and Paola Casamarta (C5). Shiran – multi-disciplinary artist, Seyive Koukoui, creative director, David Sanson – artistic counsellor and Giulia de Vetchi – Cabaret Sauvage provided sound and productive answers.