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A reference since 1985

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The EAC is an institution born in the mid-80s, when the issue of professional training emerged first in the field of culture, then in the art market and, lastly, in the luxury industry, while being a professional in these fields revealed to be more demanding and diversified.

Over the course of more than 30 years of experience, the EAC has established itself as one of the leading institutions in training students and professionals in these sectors.

which is part of dynamic networks and partnerships

Over the years, the EAC has gradually built an educational network at international level.

Holder of the Erasmus Charter since 2006, the EAC has signed mobility agreements with universities and schools around Europe – Italy, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Lithuania…. – to which add bilateral mobility agreements with institutions in Japan, Korea and Brazil…

The EAC develops mobility programmes enabling students to study abroad for a semester and, in turn, students from the entire Europe and beyond are welcomed at the EAC. The EAC has also created veritable educational partnerships enabling students to graduate from double diplomas abroad.

Whose programmes are recognised at national and international level

The EAC programmes fit the current professional profiles, thanks to the certification and presence in the RNCP and their recognition by professional, national and international Federations.

The EAC meets international challenges by offering internationally-oriented programmes taught in English; thanks to agreements signed with European, as well as Chinese and Korean institutions, it provides an opportunity to obtain double or joint diplomas.

Adapting to the new challenges of training

Meeting the student’s needs, supporting them in their educational pathway and in the development of their skills also means being able to adapt teaching formats and diversifying tools.

Though face-to-face training is the bedrock of the EAC offer, which also enables the presence of several campuses (in France and abroad), the EAC has committed to creating a training offer providing access to teaching contents, benefits from educational dynamics and a veritable support, regardless of the distance between students and their campus.

E-learning, distance learning, tailor-made support: the EAC enables new students from all corners of the world to access Bachelor’s, Master’s and MBA programmes and its students to follow their studies during their mobility programme abroad.

Curriculum Vitae

E.A.C, Ecole d'art et Culture, established in Paris in 1985

Particular Features

  • The EAC was the first private education institution to address the cultural field in its entirety and to add
    two vital components: management and communication. The first EAC graduates caused a stir in cultural professions.
  • The EAC, with its pioneer status, has become a reference in analysing programmes for arts management and dissemination and enabled new competences in cultural sectors to emerge.
  • The EAC imagined and created the profession of Cultural Manager. A registered and protected trademark at National Industrial Property Institute: Manager culturel © EAC

Dates and key figures

A few dates

1985 The EAC was established.

1991 The EAC created the Manager Culturel ©

1998 The EAC Lyon was established

2000 Recognition by the Ministry of Culture

2006 Holder of the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education

2007 The Institut National de Gemmologie (National Insititute of Gemmology - ING) joined the EAC

2008 The EAC joined Campus France

2009 Distance learning programmes were opened

2012 The EAC launched its research laboratory

2014 Holder of the Erasmus + Charter

2016 The EAC joined the AD Education network

2016 The EAC opens a Cultural Heritage Department with Ecole de Condé

A few numbers

3 + 1 specialised professional training fields :

  • 1 Art Market
  • 2 The field of Culture
  • 3 The field of Luxury and Artistic Craftsmanship
  • + Art Objects Restoration and Archaeology

Every year, this accounts for :

  • + 900 Students
  • +40000 hours of internships or professionnalisation contracts
  • 800 associate structures and enterprises
  • +180 graduates

+72% of employed students 6 months after graduation for the overall programmes

The EAC is also

  • 1 Scientific Councils
  • 8 State-certified diplomas
  • 17 university training programmes
  • + de 4000 alumni
  • 20 university lecturers and researchers

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