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« I obtained an internship at the Nordiska Museum at Stockholm »

Anna Danielsson is a second-year Swedish student at the EAC in the Master course in Cultural Management.  This summer, she will be working at the Nordiska Museet (Nordic Museum) in Stockholm.



How did you find this summer job?


I am Swedish, and really follow cultural affairs in my country. The Nordiska Museet is Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history.  It houses over one and a half million exhibits, including exclusive items and everyday objects devoted to peoples of the Northern regions over the ages, notably clothes, jewellery, furniture, photographs, works of art and artisanal items (glass and porcelain). The museum also presents temporary exhibitions. This summer, for instance, they are putting on an exhibition about the only indigenous people of Sweden, the Sami.


Last January, on Instagram, I saw that the Nordiska Museet was looking for an intern for the summer as cultural mediator. I applied. I was interviewed on Skype. That’s how I obtained the post.


Why did you choose to study cultural coordination?


What I most like about cultural coordination is being able to share my passion for art with the public at large. In France, culture is accessible to all, and we are fortunate in having varied cultural offers. Despite this, however, there are still many people who think that cultural venues are not for them. Through cultural coordination and guided tours, I hope raise interest in art and culture. I love talking with people, and am very much looking forward to meeting the varied visitors at the Nordiska Museet.


How have your studies at EAC Paris helped you to get this internship?


First of all, some classes like that on our heritage have brought me to develop a theoretical approach to cultural coordination and have helped me to improve my general culture.


Furthermore, at the EAC, we are fortunate in having practical projects which enable us to exploit our theoretical knowledge. For instance, three months ago, within the framework of the Museology course given by Mr Decrossas and that of Cultural Coordination given by Mrs Gabay, we created a cultural mediation trail for the Musée National d’Archéologie at Saint-Germain-en-Laye. Conducting these guided tours within the museum has enabled us to genuinely encounter the public, which has been fascinating! I feel that this experience really made a difference during the recruitment process at the Nordiska Museet. I spoke about it during the job interview and they were most interested to discover that I had already gained experience in the field. I am really looking forward to working for the Nordic Museum; I expect this experience to be extremely enriching.



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