Secteur du luxe - Ecole EAC

MBA in Luxury Brand Management


1 year cycle


The MBA condensates the major axes of the Master’s programme in Luxury and Artistic Handicrafts Manager. Conceived to meet the international challenges of the sectors, classes are mostly taught in English.

Courses are aimed at sharing and supporting a notion of luxury addressed from the stance of know-how of excellence and enhancing both high-quality products and creation.

Acquiring professional methods is at the core of the training programme and underpins classes.

Thus, the programme aims at strengthening and developing skills in

  • Professional practices and customs of creators, companies, and, in general, of actors in the field at national and international level
  • Societal and economic challenges of the contemporary luxury field
  • Familiarising with operational management and project management
  • Understanding field-specific legal, administrative and financial tools.


Expression of professional command of knowledge and practices, conceiving and developing an individual project is one of the main elements for the evaluation of the knowledge and practices acquired.

Assets of the programme

  • Professionalisation objective instilled in each step of teaching, favouring a teaching staff including mostly experts
  • Programme tuned with contemporary project management modes (digital technologies, cooperative work, responsible management, entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • Programme enhancing know-how and creation as drivers of development in the field
  • Close relations with the professional environment
  • Approach highlighting responsible economy




  • In the framework of higher education: holding a Master’s Degree
  • • For continuous education, access will also be determined by the years of experience and/or diplomas obtained


Language (English)

  • Proficiency in English (at least B2 level) is compulsory


  • Accreditation of prior academic pathways possible, according to the student’s prior education
  • Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) possible


Courses ECTS
Luxury: historical, societal and cultural approach 8
Professional and societal codes 2
Multiculturalism 4
Creators and luxury 2
Management Theory 2
Luxury and economic and social responsibility 4


Seminars/workshops ECTS
Management tools 8
Understanding the professional world 6
Project methodology 2


Sectorial seminars
Art de vivre – The art of living 10
Accessories and fashion objects


Professional immersion
Implementation of a project on demand 4
Management of a professional project 6


Total 60
Language practice
Modern language (except for English) 2



Luxury and Artistic Handicrafts Managers are equipped with training covering the full range of project management : from planning to budgeting, from corporate law to copyright and author’s rights, form fiscal matters to communication. Within a company, they can cover managerial positions or be first assistants in the management of development projects.

They can also support creators (design, textile, accessories, fashion) and art craftsmen with rare or specialised know-how (textile production, leather, table arts…) in their development and marketing projects. They can also promote their own notion of creation or sales and launch their own company.