Bachelor médiation culturelle - Scénographie - Ecole EAC

MBA in Cultural Management

Paris , Lyon

1 year cycle


The MBA programme condensates the main educational axes of the Cultural Coordination Master’s programme, and is aimed at the acquisition of knowledge to manage artistic and cultural projects in public and private organisations, or to promote one’s project.

Training enables students to acquire knowledge in the cultural field in general, its specific features (customs, law, structure) and practices related to project management.

The programme is conceived to

  • Acquire work, study and thinking methods, and develop personal initiative
  • Understand the professional practices and customs of actors, institutions and enterprises in the cultural sector in their diverse nature
  • Understand the economic, political and societal challenges of culture
  • Familiarise with operational management and project management
  • Understand field-specific legal, administrative and financial tools in the cultural sector

Professionalisation is at the core of the training programme, thus, courses are namely organised in individual and group seminars in project management. Conceiving and developing a professional project is a major element in the evaluation of the knowledge and practices acquired.

Studying through “business workshops” for a better understanding of cultural issues

The MBA Cultural Manager students follow an intensive program that covers all cultural and artistic fields through workshops allowing to carry out watches on all sectors of the cultural professions (audiovisual, live performance, music and heritage).

Assets of the programme

  • Professionalisation objective instilled in each step of teaching, favouring a teaching staff including mostly experts
  • Individual support to help students define their future professional positioning
  • Personalised support and a programme prioritising coaching, group work, tutoring
  • Programme tuned with current affairs in the field
  • Programme tuned with contemporary project management modes (digital technologies, cooperative work, responsible management, entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • The issue of digital technology is addressed in a dynamic way, exploring its artistic aspects, techniques, communication and working tools, etc.

Throughout the year, English e-learning courses will reinforce language skills. After the programme, students can also sit the TOEIC exam, for a reference evaluation of their proficiency and understanding of the language.



  • In the framework of higher education: holding a Master’s Degree
  • For continuous education, access will also be determined by the years of experience and/or diplomas obtained)


  • Accreditation of prior academic pathways possible, according to the student’s prior education
  • Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) possible


Courses ECTS
Cultural Policies and Economy 8
Culture and Society 8
Management Theory 2
Culture Law 4


Management tools 8
Understanding the professional world 6
Project methodology 2


Sectoral seminars (2 options)
Performing arts 10
Cultural heritage and Museums
Cinema and Media


Professional immersion
Implementation of a project on demand 4
Management of a professional project 6


Total 60
Language practice
English 2


Cultural Managers are trained to cover the full spectrum of project management : from planning to budgeting, from corporate law to author’s rights and copyright, from fiscal matters to communication, from security to cultural coordination.

In a cultural institution or company, they can cover managerial positions or be first assistants in the management of artistic and cultural projects for the whole operational sectors: production, distribution, relations with the audience.

They can support artists, companies, groups, ensembles or music groups in their development.

They can conceive and plan events and structure their implementation.


  • Paris
  • Culture


« I obtained an internship at the Nordiska Museum at Stockholm »

Anna Danielsson is a second-year Swedish student at the EAC in the Master course in Cultural Management....

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