Master in Luxury Management


2 year cycle


The Master’s Degree in luxury is an initial two-year university undergraduate course from October 2018 to June 2020.

Students are eligible after a Bachelor’s degree in luxury and / or commerce prepare the title of “Manager of Luxury & Excellence”

The two years of study are organized to allow the student:

  • To acquire the management tools specific to the luxury industries,
  • To acquire the techniques of strategic market analysis.
  • To assume high level responsibilities in international companies.
  • To do this, the Master’s Degree in luxury provides a set of knowledge in management, marketing, law and communication … directly related to the specificities of luxury markets.

The objectives of the training are:

  • To familiarize students with innovative concepts and theories that are being developed in the field of management.
  • Give the keys to understand the economic and social changes affecting the luxury sector.
  • To adopt a strategic and dynamic vision.

Multidisciplinary, the class are taught by professionals who have developed real expertise in their field of intervention. Thus all the knowledge, even the most theoretical ones, are always in relation with the concrete problems of each sector and in adequacy with the needs of the professionals.

In general, the Master’s Degree in luxury offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to project development in all luxury sectors. A good general knowledge and specific knowledge in a particular field, acquired prior to training in the context of studies or various professional experiences, combined with advanced skills in management; give students the means to quickly move into the luxury sector in positions of responsibility.

More specifically, the training focuses on legal knowledge, management knowledge as well as marketing, business and management skills. All the lessons are thus resolutely geared towards project editing.

The professional project represents an important work. It is accomplished in close connection with one or more professional structures. Coaching and human resources skills are developed. The network is enriched significantly.

This work will be presented in groups by a jury composed of the studies director, the teachers and the professional partner. At the end of their studies students will become managers of luxury and know-how of excellence.

Modern teaching methods from the beginning of the 2018 school year:

  • Class of up to 12 students which may take the form of a “junior company”.
  • Collaborative mode of work, in groups of 3 or 4, using the same, adapted numerical and digital tools (Google Eduction suite).
  • Case studies, brainstorming, team management, as many implementation exercises that will be offered to them to learn how to work together on a common project; while highlighting the individual skills of each.

Therefore, in order to confront the students with the realities of the field, the EAC would like Master’s Degrees in luxury to be sponsored by a luxury partner company of the school; to enable students to respond to a “real” commissioned and specific project of a given company.

The educational objective:

EAC wishes that its students can, after two years of Master, present a suitable professional proposal and new and innovative recommendations to the company, in direct response to the project ordered.

Ultimately, this application of the knowledge and skills of students, who are adjuncts to specialized courses taught by professional speakers, will provide them with fundamental and transversal skills; the very ones that are required to calmly apprehend the world of business or even to embark on entrepreneurship.



  • Master 1 : Holding a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master 2 : Holding at least a 1-year Master’s degree requiring a dissertation

Language (English)

  • Equivalent to the B2 level of the CEFR to join Master 1

Validation (VAA) :

  • Accreditation of prior experiential knowledge according to the candidate’s previous training possible.


Luxury: historical, societal and cultural approach 12
Professional and societal codes 6
Artistic and hand-made creation processes 6
Management Theory 4
Luxury and Responsible Economy 6


Management tools 32
Understanding the professional world 12
Research and project methodology 8


Art de vivre – The art of living 10
Accessories and fashion objects


Professional immersion
Final dissertation 6
Management of a professional project 6
Individual project at a company 8


Language practice
Anglais 4
TOTAL               120


Luxury and Artistic Handicrafts Managers are equipped with training covering the full range of project management: from planning to budgeting, from corporate law to copyright and author’s rights, form fiscal matters to communication, they can cover managerial positions or be first assistants in the management of development projects.

They can also support creators (design, textile, accessories, fashion) and art craftsmen with rare or specialised know-how (textile production, leather, table arts…) in their development and marketing project. They can also promote their own notion of creation or sales and launch their own company.

Students wishing to continue the research work started during their MBA programme can apply to the Executive Doctorate to continue their studies.