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The educational goals

Luxury management

In partnership with the Institut National de Gemmologie , this programme strives to acquire the management tools and the strategic analysis techniques for each specific market of the luxury industry.

They teach to bear high-level responsibility taking in international scale companies.

The luxury management MBA delivers a set of knowledge in management, marketing, law, and communication, directly linked with the luxury markets specificities.

Our teaching method gives you the keys to understand the social and economical changes, touching an industry in strong evolution and allow you to adopt a strategic and dynamic vision.

Multidisciplinary, courses are dispensed by professionals having developed a true expertise in every luxury industry market: jewellery, watchmaking, perfume and cosmetics, fashion and accessories, wine and spritits.

All teaching is related to real cases in each sector and in line with the needs of professionals.

The EAC’s Luxury MBA training offers a global and integrated approach of project development in each and every luxury sector. Organized as a junior company, you’ll work in collaborative work, by groups of 3 or 4, to respond to orders and offer recommendations to the sector’s companies. The missions can be : develop or assess the brand’s position, communication plan, commercial development, new products/services development.

Case studies, brainstorming, team management, many application exercises will be proposed to you to learn how to work together on a common project, while highlighting the individual skills of each one.

At the end of the course, students will present a project in front of a professionals’ jury.

The +
of the degree
  1. A programme opened to students and professionals.
  2. A professional and institutional network allowing to work on real cases.
  3. An international and national recognition: RNCP, ECTS credits.


  • Hold at least a 1st year Master degree and having written a dissertation.
  • For the continuous course, access will be conditioned by the number of required years and/or the acquired diploma.


  • 1st year
  • 2nd year
ECTS credits
Non-binding informations
Programs' speakers

Not teachers



  • Year 5: 8,950€


  • Year 5: 8,800€

For more details, download the fees grid.

The trades

Enter a growing sector

The luxury manager covers the whole spectrum of project management:

  • Programmation and budget.
  • Rights of companies, authors, and creators.
  • Taxation.
  • Communication.

Inside a company you will occupy management positions in projects development conducts.

You will assist creators (design, textiles, accessories, fashion) and craftspeople holding rare or specific savoir-faire
(textile production, leather, tableware, etc.). You can also launch your own concept of creation or sales, and create your own business.

The jobs

  • Client advisor
  • Expert in fine watchmaking
  • Finest jewellery sales manager
  • Finest jewellery seller
  • High jewellery distribution manager

Client advisor

Inside of the customer relations board, you deal with a portfolio and handle orders of shops and subsidiaries.

You ensure the good functioning of supply and follow the commercial events (expansion or shop opening).

You answer to shops' sollicitations and deal with the returns.

Expert in fine watchmaking

You are THE person to contact to define the origin, history, value of a watchmaking related object.

You authentify and determine the nature and period. You love precision and research, capital to confirm your expertise and give a reliable estimate.

By becoming an expert, you open the door to a world at the edge of science, art, and investigation.

Finest jewellery sales manager

Multitasking position, you must balance your mission between the management of your team, the excellency of customer experience and finally the good functioning of your brand.

In case of big groups, you develop a synergy with the whole sector (Perfume, fashion deparments).

Rigor and dynamism are expected for these honorable responsibilities.

Finest jewellery seller

Driving force of economy in France, the luxury sector speaks to a demanding, often uncompromising clientele.

Work on the merchandising, manage the stocks, reception of the deliveries, stock and label, but mostly welcome and counsel at your very best clients are the missions that recquire a precise know-how.

If you speak several languages, you could quickly move up inside the company.

High jewellery distribution manager

You pilot the distribution of pieces in high jewellery in the network : Constitute physical assortments for shops, demands and follow-up of the return and shipping and the coordination of the supply chain and import/export.

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