Double diploma FACO
law - art market

The educational goals

Art market
and Heritage

In July 2018, EAC and FACO (Free Faculté of Law, Economy and Management) have signed a partnership offering the first double degree preparing to become lawyer in cultural heritage and art market law.

Course time is split between EAC and FACO during four years.

It covers the whole law program, notably the one linked to art history and styles, to methodology of art, to art market comprehension, and professional practice.

The statutory modifications of ushers and auctioneers of law for 2024 in one and only status, will allow us to train our students between 2018 and 2024 to the future justice commissioner contest.

The +
of the course
  1. Unique double diploma between FACO and EAC . 
  2. Preparation to Barreau contest and justice commissioner contest.
  3. 4-year degree with 420 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).


  • First year entry with undergrad diploma 
  • Second year entry with equivalent degree 
  • Third year entry with equivalent degree


  • 1st year
  • 2nd year
  • 3rd year
  • 4th year
ECTS credits
Non-binding informations
Programs' speakers

Not teachers

The trades

Law and art market:
passion's need for excellence

  • Voluntary sales commissioner:

You carry the voluntary sales of property goods, pieces of art and collections, industrial materials or vehicules. You estimate these objects and set up a price entry during the sale.

  • Lawyers specialized in art market : 

You establish or contest the authenticity of a work of art. You negociate and write conventions and contracts on art works and cultural goods: purchase and sales of art works, contractual organisation of exhibitions, international public and private law for the international mobility of art work, copyright, etc.

  • Justice commissioner : 

You are qualified to organize and realize public sales prescribed by law or justice decision.

Your area of intervention is wide, starting from collective procedure, to seizure-sales, estate, guardianship, municipal credit, etc.

  • Voluntary sales and justice sales commisioner : 

You effectuate voluntary sales of property goods as well as the sales prescribed by law and justice decisions

The jobs

  • Artistic communication manager
  • Communication director
  • Development officer
  • Expert in Art
  • Galery manager
  • Patronage and investment manager

Artistic communication manager

In direct contact with the head of communication, you install all the communication projects in link with the different cultural and artistic demonstrations that you must put into light.

Double-check or write the press release, marketing operations, prints and web supports, etc.

Actually you're everywhere and without you, there would be no good information transmission.

Communication director

The communication director has for mission to promote the image of his company within its environment.

He defines its global communication strategy and drives its realization at national or international scale, in harmony with the general direction.

Development officer

Under direct authority of the executive board, you ensure an expertise and counseling mission, conceive or participate in projects conception and put in place the actions linked with an increased visibility of art market, be it via an antique shop or an auction house.

Clever and communicative, you are capable to adapt to all interlocutors to make the market and artwork issues you are representing evolve.

Expert in Art

You are here to authentificate objects and artworks.

You determine the nature, value, period, often the author. The value often depends on the quality of the conservation. You love precision and research, sometimes capital to confort your expertise and deliver a reliable estimate.

By becoming expert, you open a door of a world at the edge of science, art and investigation.

Galery manager

You participate in all activities of an art galery.

You are in charge of customer relationship, meaning the welcoming, the relations with the art market professionals (experts, auctioneer), sales advices.

You deal with the exhibitions' installation, the participation to national and international demonstrations. You keep an eye on the administrative functioning of the galery.

Patronage and investment manager

Multi-skilled, you help the patron and direct the project on all its aspects.

More and more current in France, your mission will be to chose projects to sustain in evaluating its potential for the company or institution that you represent.

It's up to you to establish the best strategy for your institution and for the patronage action you develop.

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