Bachelor in Luxury Marketing

Paris , Lyon

3 year cycle


The Bachelor in Luxury Marketing is an initial training program achieved in 3 years of graduate studies, after obtaining a high school diploma.

The program is dedicated to the history of luxury, with the goal of giving each learner the knowledge and skills to understand, identify and authenticate luxury items on the market. It also offers learners with the professional knowledge necessary for integration into the luxury market.

Classes take place in the school and in the field, the salons and sales areas and museums dedicated to the world of luxury.

The lessons are insured by:

  • Specialized teachers in the various luxury sectors.
  • Academics: sociology, economics, etc.
  • Professionals: management, law, communication, trade, sales techniques, catalog writing, etc.

The lessons are fundamental and specific. They are entirely geared towards professional realities and aim at obtaining skills that can be directly used in the market. The students develop knowledge related to the trading and sale of luxury and acquire know-how allowing them to intervene in the management of a commercial structure (sales area, high jewelery houses).

Luxury products:

  • Acquire a panorama of the components of the luxury industry, such as fashion, leather, perfume, etc.

The economic life of luxury:

  • Acquire the notions of marketing
  • Understand marketing and communication techniques
  • Acquire the notions of distribution, production
  • Understand brands, customers
  • Understand supply and demand in luxury companies

The concepts of marketing, marketing and communication techniques, sales, distribution, production, brand, customer, supply and demand in luxury companies will be studied. Field observation and analysis of business situations will also be developed.

The very demanding public of luxury companies expect services of great quality and impeccable service. Will also be analyzed the behavior of buyers who has evolved, more courted, more informed, more selective and more volatile; the latter use the new modes of purchase and sale (in-store sales, tele-shopping, e-commerce, distance selling, home sales, etc.).

The years of the Bachelor are organized around four main axes of teaching:

1 / Fundamental knowledge: history of luxury, sociology of luxury and consumers, introduction to the economy, luxury marketing, communication, sales techniques …

2 / Specialized knowledge: haute couture, design, leather, perfume, fashion, …

3 / Professional practices related to the sales pitch: to confront aspects of professional life by writing a sales pitch specific to the luxury sector.

4 / Periods of practical study commonly referred to as “internships”, as well as operational experiences on events related to the luxury sector.



  • Year 1 : Holding a high-school diploma equivalent to the French Baccalaureate
  • Year 2 : Having successfully completed at least 1 year of university education
  • Year 3 : Having successfully completed at least 2 years of university education

Language (English)

  • None for Year 1 and Year 2
  • Equivalent to the B1 level of the CEFR to join Year 3
  • Speaking an additional language is an asset


Theoretical courses ECTS
History of Luxury and Taste 8
Understanding artistic crafts 4
Introduction to professional practices and codes 4
Digital technology and luxury 4


Seminars/workshops ECTS
Commercial practices 8
Understanding the professional world 6
Professional-oriented project 6


Electives ECTS
Fashion accessories 4
Art de vivre – The art of living


Professional immersion ECTS
Projects organised by the school 2
Individual projects 8


Language practice ECTS
English 2
Other language 2
TOTAL               60


The Bachelor’s in “Luxury and Artistic handicrafts dealer” meets the requirements expected by professionals in the field for positions of assistant in: commercialisation, participating in the organisation of sales areas (installation, stock management) for major trademarks in the sector or for large distribution houses.