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Etre étudiant à l’EAC c’est aussi être ouvert sur le monde !

Natchaya Lawpattanapong, étudiante de deuxième année en mastère international « Art market Manager » à l’EAC Paris a eu la chance de découvrir la galerie Lamy à Bruxelles lors d’un stage de 6 mois

Doing an internship abroad, gave me an interesting reflection on the art market scene between two cities in Europe; Brussels and Paris. The experience took me out of my comfort zone within the environment I started to get familiar with to a whole new chapter where I was encouraged to learn fast and be adaptive to the new scene while getting to know new contacts. Thanks to the grant I had received from the Erasmus Program, it not only helped me to be in a better condition during the mobility but also enabled a further discovery within and surrounding the city where I was doing the internship. The world is more connected than ever before, therefore I believe it is crucial for one to be mobile and active in this changeable market scene when many activities are happening everywhere.

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